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​At Arctic Engineering, we take the time to do the job right. We provide a wide range of services including energy consulting, thermal imaging inspections, septic certifications, residential inspections, structural and design services and contractor support. Email us today to schedule an appointment tim@arcticengineering.biz.

We are family owned and operated. Our owner/inspector, Tim Henry, P.E., and his family grew up in the Fairbanks area. Tim is not

only experienced in arctic construction techniques of the Fairbanks area, but he is also a Professional Engineer with the technical background to provide you with real solutions.

Background and Experience 

Arctic Engineering in Fairbanks

Arctic Engineering providing Civil Engineering Services including Engineer Residential Inspections and Water and Septic Adequacy Testing 

Why us?

Professional Engineer with a Civil Engineering Degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks Graduate level Engineering courses in cold climate building science Circumpolar Building Techniques courses through the Cold Climate Housing Research Center Has worked with contractors on the design and construction of commercial and residential buildings in Fairbanks Experience as an inspector on commercial buildings in Fairbanks and around the state

We are a hometown, family-run business


Fairbanks and North Pole

Going Beyond The Surface